Her Majesty is a Great-grand-mother

You cannot expect the Blair Brown Cvnts to be interested in the birth of the 12th in Line to the Throne. The really galling bit is my tax pays for these left wing twerps.

I've wondered for years why the socialist prats in the BBC and in the rail-crash called the Labour Party, don't go and live in a Socialist Republic.

PS: The Daily Telegraph is proclaiming that HM may have more great grand children soon, as Prince William is to marry Miss M and Zara Phillips is to marry the ugly 'male munter' and hopeless rugby player whatever his name is. The latter event does, in my opinion, give rise to considering republicanism - but there again, 'President' Blair and the First Cow, no thank you.
Totally messed up my succession plan!

Counting on the chances of plague through London and the Home Counties, a massive nuclear incident over the whole of Scotland and the North East, the removal of the Midlands, Wales, the NW and NI by a planet veering off course, massive flooding of all coastal areas, and independence for the West Country, I was well set with a chance to be King!

And now down another one in the succession, makes me think my chances are too low to bother!

And I had been practising the wave as well :)
never mind tom_dkg just hope for zombies and decare yourself king
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