Her ambition is to join the Royal Navy.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Yes, but the step from not being repatriated to UK citizenship (what hse would need I think) is a large one, and therefore not likely in the short term.
  2. Possible, but not likely. The nationality will cause a problem, which is something we have seen with the Commonwealth recruits - because we Security Check as a matter of course for all entrants, and DV/PV as required, she may find that her routes for employment are limited. Steward/Chef/Stoker, highly unlikely that she will make Officer because of access to sensitive material, ditto for the Admin/Log branches. Shame, because she has done well enough, and she deserves more of a chance than some of the chavscum that "belong" here.
  3. more importantly, she needs to sort out those teeth before the banja-luka grin sets in!
  4. The 24-year-old arrived in Britain 11 years ago with her mother Svetlana. She spoke no English but taught herself, largely by reading the Sherlock Holmes novels.

    She'll go down well in the Royal Navy, very musical, mouth like a broken piano and playing the violin. Then there's the deep mood swings after injecting herself and that annoying habit of saying "Elementary My Dear Watson".
  5. And she's fcuked if the Captain's called Moriarty and probably so is he.
  6. Why were we trying to deport a bright well educated productive immigrant? What a waste of money. Surely it is obvious she is a benefit to Britain. Frankly she should get citizenship and I hope she does get to join the RN.
  7. What on earth do you mean by that - are you trying to get a bite. This is a highly educated, motivated individual who wishes to do her bit for her adopted country. Sure, she was an illegal immigrant but heck, I'd rather have ten of her type than some of the chav scum we have that are native born and bred.

    Pisses me off when people blanket 'immigrants' to cover asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and skilled migrants. People in the latter category are despertaely needed in the UK, otherwise they wouldn't get the visas. As for asylum seekers, I'd hope that if this country goes down the hole and I had to flee for whatever reason that other counrties would take me in!

    We've always had immigrants, always will, and we've done more than our fair share of emigrating too!
  8. i agree...

    yet again, the law being an ass
  9. I do TOTALLY agree

    I ignored the Russian fishing trip mentality

    I'm not biting
  10. No reason why seh shouldn't stay - I'd rather deport half of glasgow.
    Any glasweigians offended by that can be in the half that stays.
  11. I'd give her a visa!

    An in and out visa!!!
  12. She appears to be a benefit to the country, not here for the countries benefits.

    I say let her stay and let her apply to join the navy.
  13. Let's be honest to ourselves here.

    She's been in country for the last seven years with no leave to remain.

    During that time, she's matriculated, gotten through university and has a job.

    How did she pay for Uni? What did she live on whilst she was at Uni? How did she get permission to work post studies when she had no leave to remain?

    As for the "I'd like to join the RN", what did anyone expect her to stay in the circumstances? "I'm just here for the beer?".

    Just because she's a hard working pretty girl does not excuse her immigration offences. In fact it may now offer a powerful precedent to many undesirables who've been here a reasonable length of time.
  14. I agree, she should be welcomed in as the "right" example of immigration. BTW she's not an illegal immigrant, just overstayed her visa!