Hep B or Tic Borne Encephalitis? (Sp)

A friend of mine's going travelling so wanted to get his Hep B done. He's picked up the prescription and it says "Tic-Borne Encephalitits" vaccine on the box.... and doesn't mention anything about Hep B or HBV any where... has been sold the wrong one.. for £140?

Hep B is a course of 3 jabs not just 1, fast tracked it can be given at 0, 7 & 14 days, however antibody production is limited until the maintence dose 1 yr later. As for cost go to a GUM clinic & get it free.

As for Tic-Borne Encephalitits, I cant make comment as I know very little about it.
I'm unsure why your friend has been given the vaccine itself, who is going to administer it to him and what about keeping it within the correct temperature range until then, some vaccines are unstable and ineffective if not stored correctly. Pox Dr is correct when he states that Hep B immunisation is a 3 dose course and I think your friend should go back to the doctor who wrote the prescription and question what is going on. For info on tick borne encephalitis click below.

He had to pick it up from the Chemist so he could take it to the Dr's. Sounded a bit weird to me, and it turned out that the chemist couldn't read and got him 3 doses of the encephalitis in stead of Hepatitis.... Tisk Tisk I tells ye!

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