Henson Dropped by Blues

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by exbleep, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. OK, he's a dick. Not particularly as good a player as he thinks he is (but he did get to shag Charlotte Church in the days she was still shaggable), He did have some potential a few years back but looks he might be consigned to Treorchy Zebras in future. But, still, a rugby player getting drunk after the game? Shock! Horror! Shame he carried it on during a flight (bring back the tour bus - could have hidden him away on the back seat and he'd have got away with it).
  2. Somewhere deep down inside Gavin Henson is a ****-off big button that says "Self Destruct" and he just can't help himself from giving it a poke.

    He's a silly boy, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. I've met him twice and to say there's **** all happening behind his eyes is an understatement. He could be outsmarted by a toaster.

    It's a shame that he seems set on acting like a twat and forging a career as a reality tv s'leb instead of concentrating on his God given talent.

    Orange prat.
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  4. The 'reality TV celeb'...one big slap in the face reminder that you're a ******* nobody.
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  5. So game finishes late (lets say 9pm) and the team goes out on the pop. Looks like the Blues gave the go ahead for this as he wasn't the only one and yet he carried it on onto a 7am flight where he is obviously drunk and acting inappropriately. I think the Blues acted correctly. Think about how much England were hammered by the media in NZ for acting up on a night out and how Regional rugby is desperate to get people through the gates and you can see their thought process. I doubt if many fans will be upset that a handgenade has been is sacked!

    Although, the back seat is a good call and may I just use this to state that there were 15 on it for my stag do, a new World Record I believe!
  6. He needs to grow up as he seems to forget he's supposed to be some kind of Role model for the younger generation that wish to pursue the sport as a career.
  7. Was that in a work based capacity or a social capacity ?
  8. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    That would include yesterday, IMHO. Prolly more shaggable than when he was giving her the good news.

    But what do I know: I AM the bloke she had in mind, when she won Rear Of The Year, and said she was worried by the thought of "50 year old men ogling my rear" :hump:
  9. TBH i think you've hit the nail on the head
  10. He needs reminding "there is no "I" in team"!
  11. But there is a me, ta :)
  12. And there is also better centers than him.

    1.5 mile: 8.59
    5 miler: 40.34
    Pressups: 62
    Situps: 82
    BARB: 75, numeracy l2
    literacy l2
    Medical: cleared
  13. You cheeky bastard !!! As an ex-Zeb (long, long, long, time ago) we wouldn't have him - and we've had some purlers !!!
  14. In all fairness to the Blues. They probably told him that they'd take him on the previso that he behaved, bearing in mind his previous shenanigans everywhere else he went, and had to act lest be seen as a soft touch. This might well be the final straw in a list of indiscretions made at the club.

    I was surprised that they signed the tit in the 1st place. He's not played well anywhere he's been since his "comeback".

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