Henry V - Lets go and Invade France

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bravo2nothing, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. I'm sitting here watching Henry V, what an excellent visualisation of a Shakespheare Classic.

    Some fantastic quotes so far

    "thus comes the English"

    "we happy few"

    "once more unto the breach"

    Amazing stuff, makes you want to hold an EU referendum!

    Any other films quite as stiring?
  2. Olivier or Branagh?
  3. Branagh - he's talking about defiling maidens......nice..
  4. Film 4 have introduced/reintroduce the 1944 Olivier version into their 'cycle'. Next showing is Saturday 6th at 16:25, then Sunday, etc, etc, etc.

    Always struck me as an odd hybrid, for the most part, of filming a stage play with theatre type sets and imagery, mixed with outdoor settings, i.e. Agincourt. Wartime constraints, filming in Ireland, blagging temp leave for actors and crew in service, American servicemen bunking-off to take part with Irish from all walks, and, a release to boost morale just before the Normandy landings - viz. Lovat's 'Band of Brothers' styled address prior to embarkation. The making and timing of the film has a history of its own apart from the history it depicts.

  5. The threat to the Burghers of Harfluer?
    Does anyone know if the bit he says about "being gentle" and that the french will be "won by the gentler hand" is original Shakespere?
  6. If 'won by the gentler hand' is the sentiment re not beasting the general populous, I think it was written differently - but I'm only going to have 50p on it? 8O

  7. But it is original Shakespere?
  8. Don't follow CLC? Are you asking/stating if this sentiment was added to WS's original text, or it was in the original but worded in a different way?

  9. Sorry. I was struck by the phrase when I first heard it in the Branagh version but I havent been able to find it in any of the copies of the play or online study material I googled. (I'll admit that this wasnt very persistent).

    I know the scene where he orders the prisoners killed comes and goes depending on the directors taste but its definitely original Shakespere.

    Is "won by the Gentler Hand" in the same category?
  10. Richard III is good (done by the bloke who played gandalf)....set as Nazi's and allies from WW2.

    " And no is the winter of our discontent made mery by this house of York."

    "A horse...a horse a kingdom for a horse"

    and all that stuff

  11. Agree about ‘director’s taste’ (and budget, etc) CLC. Watched the Olivier version today. Shakespeare plus shall we say? Larry O is very ‘hero’, shiny armour, white horse, immaculate hair and plenty of nipping the crown on the bonce. Villain (who killed the boys) in black of course, and a one-to-one fight which Harry wins and which all the soldiers stop to watch, then carry on hacking as soon as Harry rides off. No killing of the prisoners. Might be ‘John Wayne’, but it ain’t Shakespeare, and quids-on it ain’t history.

    Branagh does cover these scenes, together with another scene left out of 1944, the execution of Bardolph, Harry’s old bingeing partner, for stealing from a church. Branagh spins this out, or develops the scene as the Arties might say? This the section dealing with not beasting the French populous I imagined you were referring to?

    Viz, when Bardolph is named and clearly identified to Harry, he states:
    ”We would have all such offenders so cut off: and we
    give express charge, that in our marches through the
    country, there be nothing compelled from the
    villages, nothing taken but paid for, none of the
    French upbraided or abused in disdainful language;
    for when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the
    gentler gamester is the soonest winner."

    Shakespeare text
    Branagh script

  12. Should the invasion take place approximately 1930 on Saturday night!!??
  13. Ah! I see what has happened. I have mixed up the speech you have quoted with this "Use... mercy to them all." which Henry says after the fall of Harfluer.
  14. No.9,

    When lenity and cruelty vie for a kingdom - the gentler gamester is the surest winner.
  15. Patchemup,

    Why was the loss of Surrey so devasting for Richard 111 ?