Henry cooper dies

Henry cooper died today. I dont have a link but it'll be splashed all over the papers tomorrow.
Ahh, missed that,, just getting hang of this arrse iphone app whilst i'm havin a shit.
Bloody Hell they are all going this weekend. Celeb Death Pool taking a hammering then.

Shame about Henry Cooper though a true sporting gent. Saw him at a sportsman's evening years ago and a wonderful after dinner speaker and had time for everyone to have a little personal chat with later. RIP
one of the greats an ambassador for the sport and the country they don't make em like him anymore, mores the pity
Supermatelot, I reckonised youre poor pun, he was a sporting legend. He was a star, you sir, are a prick.
So what if I am? You sir are a faux-outrage grief whoring prick. Crack on then, there's prbably a book of condolence somewhere online you can get your sadness registered and acknowledged.
Many so called sports people should take a look at how Sir Enry behaved and take a lesson from it, a true Gentleman of the highest degree RIP

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