Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. Well, well, well, 'Tiger Tim' (what a c*ck name) has lost again. Hopefully that'll be an end to the fat fan club on 'Henman Hill' and all of those stupid middle class arrseholes who insist on backing a loser.

    I for one am chuffed to f*ck. Now he should just b*gger off into obscurity and stop embarrassing the nation.

    We don't do losers.

    BFBS cancelled 'Corrie' for the duration of Wimbledon. Hopefully now, that the 'great white hope' is out on his arrse......we can get back to some quality tele.
  2. I don't care if there's another thread on this matter.......mine is written with more passion.
  3. Wimbledon for Corrie? Both fecking shite.

    At least, and a very grudging at least at that, you might see a bit of quality arse on Wimbledon - the Wimmins matches. Them wee russian lassies grrrrrrrrrr!
  4. The BBC have cancelled Neighbours until its over, and they cancelled Ray Mears last night in Scotland because Rusedski went on too long. Why do they have to have it showing on two channels at the same time for about 8 hours a day. Not everyone wants to watch it the whole time. And i agree that Henman is a bag of shi1te.
  5. Yes, but the one good thing to come of it is that Neighbours was cancelled
  6. No. I have to admit it but i watch Neighbours and have my whole life. Its a very hard habit to break. :oops:
  7. I'm with Bickies on this one - the bloke's an out-and-out loser with all the appeal of a mass grave. To be fair, it's not his fault he's on TV all the time - it's the bloody BBC regurgitating crap year-on-year, complete with ridiculously inept commentators who seem surprised when it rains.

  8. Hurrah - hopefully more coverage for the good looking chicks. Who gives a feck if they can play tennis or not??

    Reproduced here as well as other thread just because I wanted to think of the Russkie chicks again.
  9. hear hear biscuits....

    tennis is a w*nk middle class sport played by f*cking lezzers and gay boys

    now take your fat middle classed arrses back to the home counties and stop bothering us with your boring neck cricking sport.

    anyone who gives up summer block to stand around in barracks dress fawning to these creatures should be nail gunned to the floor and force fed strawberries at 8 pound a f*cking punnet (i didn't know punnet meant 2 good ones and a slightly brown one)

    dont get started on the old "yeah, but birds in short skirts" b*llocks it's f*cking crap since they removed all the cameras that looked up their kilts as they served ....

    any man who says "i think i'd like to play tennis" should be sent on an intensive course to re-hetero themselves. after a good shoeing.

    Frankly i'm glad we're sh*t at it, anything else would be a slur on our collective britishness, even that lantern jawed canadian c*nt couldn't hit a cows arrse with a banjo since he took on British citizenship we just aren't cut out for a sport where the nearest you come to any physical contact is to politely and limply shake hands after 2 hours of dancing around like a f*cking nance with a break for squash every 2 minutes .... any man who likes tennis is a poof or a foreigner and both are still punishable by hanging aren't they?
  10. Cnuts!.

    Tim can win - he's never going to be the best player around, but a touch of form & luck and he's in.

    And before you laugh .. who gave Kelly Holmes that much of a chance, she always got it wrong, picked up an injury, or was baulked. Then 2 golds.

    Mind you, stuff Greg knuckski, he is a w@nker.
  11. Do you think Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams grunt to the same decibel level in bed as they do on court?

    I suppose it depends on whether you're doing them roughly from behind in the wrong 'un
  12. Meanwhile, Andy Murray takes the first set.

    Come on Andeeeee
  13. a touch of form and luck ..... the blokes a f*cking weiner,

    i'd prefer it if he had a touch of anthrax.

    all you need to know about tennis is cliff "call me God" Richards likes it, it's more middle of the road than a f*cking cats eye.

    any man who confesses to liking tennis or knowing anything about this bland fest should be forced to wear a sign round their neck saying

    " i am a middle class pr1ck please kill me"
  14. Yeah, but the professional players are fecking fit. Some Swedish sports science survey compared athletes from various sports, back in the 1970s. On the leg strength, Ingemar Stenmark came first, Bjorn Borg (he of the resting heart rate of 30) came second.

    Right up there with cricketers - South African sports science test found that Hansie Cronje may have thrown the occasional match as well as cricket ball, but he had better CV fitness than any of the Springboks that they tested.

    Not unhappy that we're now spared the usual tabloid sh*te about "will he win". In irritation terms, it's right up there with wanting England to crash out of the (FIFA) World Cup as soon as possible, in order to spare all us Celts having to watch "Summer of 1966" for the umpty-umpth time.
  15. Like this one, possibly...? :D