Henley Royal Regatta

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Morning chaps & chapesses,

    Has anyone here been to Henley Royal Regatta? I'm certain I've rowed there with my old school ages ago, but I was just a sprightly 14 year old schoolboy at the time & I can't really remember the finer details, other than chatting to one gallant young lad who was so posh I thought he was a bummer. 8O I haven't been there socially as it was a bit far from my former place of residence, but now I live a little closer I thought I'd venture out & have a look.

    Ergo I require the following details:

    Dress code: I understand it's all a bit highbrow with the supertoffs, I suppose blazers & trousers are the norm, but would a waistcoat be overdoing it? Do people still remain in Edwardian dress up until the late evening? I hear 07 was a washout, am I likely to ruin my highly polished shoes in this weather?

    Location: Where's the best viewing platform & area in order to ascertain a fair assessment of the posh totty? :) I hear there's quite a few different bars.

    Beverage: Where's the best place to drink? If I do get a little bored with the Pimms/lemonade/champers scene would it be a little undignified to order wife beater or spirits?

    Food: If I can't entice some millionaires daughter into buying me lunch in the more exclusive stands where would be a more suitable place for tea & tiffin :?

    I remain ever your most faithful, &tc.

  2. I have, of course, no idea whatsoever.