Henley Regatta? Any good?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. I fancy giving it a bash.

    Apparently it's a good excuse to sit by a river and get cunted.

    I know that there will be lots of toffs/Tarquins et all, but that also means that there will be an adundance of posh totty looking for a bit of rough.

    Has anyone been? Is it worth it?
  2. Yep. I used to take part in it for a number of years and as a place to score some top notch rich and filthy flange, it's hard to be beaten really.
  3. I'm moving there soon, (ish) pubs are mega though and do mega scran.
  4. Quality. Sounds like a plan then.
  5. Great fun and a great summer event. In my singlie youth I saw it as a "Bank of England" event i.e. it was guaranteed. Saturday night there will yield very rich pickings in terms of "Ladies"

    As a sensible family man I now go on the Sunday, picnic with the family - fun in a very differant way!
  6. So Saturday is the day to go for? I'm not going for the whole weekend, that's too much effort.
  7. Beats that shithole down the road, Surrey.

    You'll find the usual jodhpur wearing, thigh high booted birds milling about in Somerfields and not a paki in sight.
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  8. That depends on where in Surrey you are. There weren't any JoeDakis where I used to live, but you did get to see Gary Linkar shopping in Somerfields.

    I was back there the other weekend, and was very disappointed to see a couple non-swimmers had moved into the area. Not in my day!!
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Brilliant fun. If you fancy even more eyefuls of tottie in lycra, the better event is the Women's Regatta, also at Henley, held in Jun instead.
  10. If you are on the lash and chasing ladies yes. If you want the posh totty go in Blazer and tie, if you know anyone who is a member of a boat club they may know somene who can get a Stewards enclosure or Regatta enclosure badge.

    Stay away from the "barn bar" which looks like Glastonbury meets Battle of Hastings:)
  11. I mooched around for a month looking for a pad, remind me to never darken Redhill's door again.
  12. Seen! Did you look at Esher/Claygate? A lovely little part of the world.
  13. Rowed there many moons ago. Try to get tickets to the Stewards or an invite to Leander Club.
  14. Feck Me! a Northener moving south......my god next you ll be telling me the allow coloured people in Great Britain next!!
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  15. When living in Maidenhead I used to go pretty much every year.

    I haven't been for 5 years, although I doubt very much has changed. It's one of those occasions steeped in tradition and they don't change just for the sake of it.

    There is a strictly enforced dress code, if you manage to blag an invite into the Stewards enclosure, (difficult, but not impossible) but the public enclosure is more relaxed on the clothing front. It does get chocka blocka though, so get there early and it costs about £20 to get in on the Friday (a tad cheaper during the week)

    Best bet is to go with a small group and dress up for the occasion, a ridiculous Tarquinesque, stripy blazer can be purchased in a charity shop for about a fiver. Hotel prices are horrendous as you can imagine, so consider Maidenhead as an option for accommodation.

    If the weather is nice the totty is out in force, and as Hector V says, there are some decent pubs/cafes/restaurants in town.

    Hooray Henrys think they rule the day, and they can be arrogant fuckers, so my top tip is when dining out or drinking, is be polite to any waiting/bar staff, who will be fed up to the back teeth with the toffee nosed abusive pricks.

    Not too dissimilar to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, but without losing shed loads of money on three legged ponies.

    Its a hoot.

    Let me know if you are definitely going, and I might be up for it.
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