Hendrix was a walt!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by therealbigdizzle, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Sorry, not another walt thread. I hate them too. But I thought this was quite interesting...

  2. Fort Campbell, know it well... we worked on one of the ranges there which was so big that the Northern part of the range was in Kentucky and the Southern part in Tennessee, I highly recommend the Hooters in downtown Clarksville, a few minutes down the road from Ft. Campbell 8O
  3. Seeing as he became the world's greatest rock guitarist, and the embodiment of everything a great rock star should be, and stuck up for the guys serving in 'Nam when everyone else in the hippie movement was slagging them off, I think we can forgive him.
    Anyone who creates tunes like Manic Depression and Fire is surely a genius.
  4. This particular buoy has been gone around several times before with no clear answers as to whether Jimi built his own part up or the US Army did...nor inded whether establishment figures wanted to undermine Jimi, who was seen as a subversive influence on the troops - particularly the "men of colour ( presumably "purple"?).
  5. I can't see the real point of this thread. If Henrdix bigged himself up a bit, it's no worse really than that Reid fella telling Vinnie Jones that he served in the British Army "for three or four years", is it?


  6. Yes, but what did he ever do for us?
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

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    By one of those very strange coincidences, Hendrix is being played on Radio 2 at this very moment! Voodo Chile.

    Is that the one that has a last train going to it?
  11. Read a biography of Hendrix and he declared that he was 'homosexual' so he could get out of the military. His broken ankle (or bad back as he told others) was what he told family and friends. When he came over to England (it was here that he became famous) he bought an old British military coat and he used to wear it with pride. He even researched it's history (The Royal Army Veterinary Corps I think?) and when he was walking through London with his girlfriend a copper stopped him and told him to take it off as it was insulting to the British war dead. Apparently, according to his girlfriend, he was really upset as he didn't think anyone died being 'in charge of the donkeys' (though he also said, apparently, that he didn't know if he could come to England as his guitar might not work on our electricity).

    He was pro-military, well initially, and was proud of his time in the forces. Hendrix would agree with pressure groups like hippies and Black Panthers because he was easily led and didn't like conflict. I think the only reason he got out was so he could play his guitar more. And he was banned from the BBC from ever playing on there again after he refused a 'duet' with Lulu, which makes him OK in my book.
  12. Un-named source = anecdote and not necessarily true.

    Bestest guitarist ever = true.
  13. I thought a walt was someone who claimed to be something he wasn't?

    This is why we don't send people to join the army as a punishment, although we could invent a maintenance corps for them to get posted into to do all our shit jobs.

    He prob told people he came out, if at all this is true, because he was embarrassed of this so called reason, again if this is true. That doesn't make him a walt.

    You're just trying to get all the idiots ruffled who have nothing better to do than get pis sed off with people like Barron Castleshortt because their whole lives revolve around what others are doing on the internet aren't you?

  14. Who gives a feck, he was a great musician.
  15. What??!!! He was white??!! Oh.........gotcha.