Hempleman-Adams in bag-of-hot-air drama

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cloudbuster, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. New Balloon Record

    Apparently, according to the above article, David Hempleman-Adams now holds a couple of records for time spent in a laundry basket.

    However, what caught my eye was two lines from the article, regarding his test of skill:

    So it isn't the wind that drives balloons through the atmosphere, but they migrate towards a source of radio waves. Which, to someone who doesn't seem to appreciate that they're being constantly 'zapped' by these waves must be a real worry.

    At least he managed to complete the sortie without torching the balloon. :)
  2. Ah Clod mi old mate.
    They used ta have sum radio on the Saracen Cmmand post vairiant that would reputedly Fry ya Goolies if you where stood next ta it when it transmitted.
    The Signals guys used to tease us innocent young Reems about it.