Hemostatic agents.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by EX_STAB, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Happened across this and thought it might be of interest to RAMC types:


    It's a different treatment to the QuikClot that I understand is currently in use.

    Anyway, it's way out of my level of expertise but I thought it worth bringing to your attention.

    Hope it is of interest.
  2. Celox is good kit (mostly) Its quite powdery ie. less dense than Quikclot, which means it can be a bugger to get into a deep hole Ooo Err it does work but does demand a vigourous approach. Clear advantage is the lack of an exothermic reaction/ It tastes like prawn crackers too ;-). Not convinced it is as good as QK but yes it does work. Difficult to get hold of though.
    Final Point its made in the UK Huzzah !
  3. I have heard soon we might get issued quikclot in Teabag form for ease of use. Anybody seen this yet?
  4. Thats the Quick Clot ACS or Advanced Clotting Sponge.

    All well and good but does sort of rely on a wound being around the same size i'd imagine.

    To be honest Quick Clot used properly negates the need for such a form and when i mean properly i mean aggresive pressure, rapid and well performed (by qualified pers.) application followed up by more pressure and for longer than the marketed 3 mins post application.

  5. Had the opportunity to trial ACS on IRT telic, a lot better for use in the back of rotary ac as doesn't blow all over the shop. Also, can use ACS on arterial spurt without blowing the granual's all over the shop. I'd prefer to see all QK changed to ACS.
  6. Shurely someone should have addressed a catastrophic bleed BEFORE they ended up on the back of a CH47?

    But fair one, i can see the benefit in such case. It's like the IO devices on the market though, they all have their benefits and uses. Unfortunately one size doesn not fit all in the world of medical kit.
  7. You would hope, if they were british anyway. On telic we picked up DANBAT and the locals who didn't have the kit. The EZ IO looks a top bit of kit, luckily not had chance to use it though. FAST 1 is a ok, but EZ IO seems the way ahead.
  8. EZ IO is good as long as theyve got legs!! Again, both have their merits. Biggest + of EZIO has to be the amount you could put in with one handle just by adding new needles but i do like the FAST.

    There is a new FAST generation 2 just come out that doesnt require the removal tool. AFAIK BATLS will be teching it soon?
  9. No reason why EZ IO can't be used in any long bone. Not heard about next generation FAST 1, the removal tool is a pain in the sh1tter! Be surprised if BATLs teach the new one already, it'll take an age to come through anyway.
  10. I think FAST will be the winner.... Many injuries now are extremity wounds and the Osprey is doing an amazing job at protecting the chest and sternum. This includes blunt trauma and direct ballistics (i.e. gunshot and shrapnel). Bang the FAST into the Sternum and away you go....