hely hanson fleece- need help

help where the fookin hell can i buy a green helly-hanson fleece, the one with the holes for thumbs ? , i have tried almost everyw, anyone out there know of any web sites ?, have tried silvermans etc
The last one I found was on Ebay, I stopped bidding at £50.00!

But I have found one.....


A classic fibre pile field jacket that insulates by keeping warm air around the body. A firm favorite for British forces personnel, the special resilient fibres are stable and able to maintain insulation at the same time as ensuring ventilation. Double fibre pile construction featuring a long cut back, long sleeves with thumb slits and two zipped hand warmer pockets. Made from 200 weight fleece. COLOUR: Green or Navy. SIZE: XS, S, M, L and XL. Prices from £69.95 each

many thanks , i feel a bit foolish
cheers lads , my old fleece was robbed , needed a replacement as its a quality piece of kit.tried loads of so called surplus /mil stockists and they had no idea what i was on about! fleece is now ordered !

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