Nobody in my unit has a clue about where I can find the format for a Helquest. Can anyone here shed any light? Tried looking through the Battle Box, but there are so many CDs and no central index (that I can find) it just baffles me (although to be honest, it doesn't take much).

Any help appreciated.
Your best bet is to ring the Joint Helicopter Command Tasking Cell direct and they'll be able to help you. Depending what level you are comfortable with the numbers are:
SO3 (RAF) - 94331 3714
WO2 (Army) - 94331 3934
SNCO (RN) - 94331 2391
JNCO (RAF) - 94331 3365


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Or try the TA route... We did some good training last year, invited some RAF Reserves along, and recently they reciprocated. We did a 3-day Heli Marshalling Course, with the result that 12 of us are now qual'd Heli Marshallers :)

It involved a fair bit of Chinook flying, which was nice, as many of them had never been up in a Heli.

Other way - again, TA route - try the TA Gazelle Sqns in Netheravon. Top people, and always willing to help.

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