helping with 1.5mile run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by T/J/LeGg, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. hi all, im running 2miles aday sometimes 4miles (morning and night). whats the best way to get my run time down?

    should i run more distance or run short distances faster and gradualy in crease the distance.

    would be thankful for your help and advice.
  2. Checking old posts/using the search function might do well for starters.
  3. Well this is what I do

    Monday- 3.5 mile followed by 1.5 mile (best effort)
    Wednesday- Interval Training- It helps with the 1.5 mile run
    Friday- same as Monday
    Sunday- slow long run followed by best effort 1.5 mile run

    By the way add 1 mile each week for Monday and Friday, also try and do hill sprints when you run.

    You don't need to be running 2 miles everyday because you won't get any fitter you will actually injure youself rather than getting fitter have at least 3 rest days, your body needs 24 hours of recovery.
  4. thanks AFC_1992 will start that on monday and have the weekend as a rest. what time you getting your time down to.
  5. My bold, and why is that, darling?
  6. R u a squaddie?
  7. f
  8. What sort of interval training do you do?

    I'm currently doing.

    Monday 4mile

    Wednesday 1.5 fast, then 3mile

    Friday 1.5 fast, then 3mile.

    What i did tonight though was the 1.5 fast, then a comfortable 3mile but whilst doing the 3mile I put in sprinting between lamp posts and jogging past from lamp post to lamp post and repeating that 5 times.

    I've taken my 1.5mile run time from 10:53 to 9:41 but I want to get early 9mins possibly 8:50s..

    Any tips
  9. What the fuck are you supposed to be? An armless chimp with downs?
  10. i route out what i would say( mistake for my spelling not the best). i did a huge mong up of coming out when i was 17 fu** up if you ask me but i wish the right officer would of been there. but none the less i was still a wa*ker.

    ATM im running my 1.5mile run with sn ex ta squade if you would call him that ( hes done 2tours of iraq and 1 of afghan) good lad if you ask me a very at that.

    anyways i want to ge3t back into the army done the barb ect but had swine flue b4 i had my run(failed it of course).

    getting back on the road know and i want to blow everyone away running wise lol.

    what would your advise be. would love to know as i need to smash everyone else with alott of walt going along the way hahah.
  11. eh????????????? :? :evil:
  12. Personally I can never understand how someone with the fitness levels to a fast 1.5 miles, then a 3 miler straight afterwards with sprints involved, can't run a 1.5 miler in less than 9 mins. Doesn't add up in my eyes, I've seen a few people say similar things (I run 5 milers every other day yeah, my 1.5 miler at the moment is 10:15 im trying to get it down ect. ect.)

    1. Your lying about the distances you run, or
    2. Your not trying hard enough on the 1.5 mile run

    Sorry to be harsh and if I'm wrong fair enough, but it never seems right when people have posts like this..
  13. Well 'darling' I wouldn't know exactly but this is the programme my new recruiter has given me, I didn't ask any questions about the rest period just got on with it :lol:
  14. Coming out when u were 17!!!!!
    U were hardly in!!!
    I would say that u should aim not for 10 mins 30, but 10 mins as the PFA is the BASIC level required of any soldier. If u r struggling to get 10 mins 30, u r gonna suffer. U must know this as an ex or not??
  15. If you mean time, you mean my 1.5 mile run. Well I want to get it down to 8 minutes, well thats my goal, currently on 9.30 now. Want to join the Paras so 8 minutes would be a good start. When I run my 1.5 run I usually do a fast pace jog for a mile and run the rest with a sprint. The interval training helps you with a faster pace jog and the all important sprint.