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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Feb 14, 2008.

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    The police complain that people drove past this incident.They seem to forget that their actions in arresting people trying to defend others,or themselves,against assault and intimidation(and there have been many reported incidents),has now persuaded the general public that,in the case of such interventions,the police are at least as likely to arrest those trying to restrain assailants,as the assailants themselves.

    Now they are complaining about a problem that they,themselves,have caused.
  2. Fair one.

    Though I have to add, by the time I had thought of the possible consequences, I would already be using the scumbag's head as a football. Probably would have been too late to realise that discretion is the better part of valour in 21st century Britain... :roll:
  3. Come on - hands up who here would have just driven past without helping? Hopefully none!!!!!
  4. I would have been the first to help.

    Suprise sex is much easier with two.
  5. Interesting this as I have just had to intervene with an assault near where I live less than a few hours ago (Violent not sexual).

    On bloke knocking ten bells out of another. I and another have stepped in and subdued this fella using gentle persuasuion and a bit of physical resraint (I can hand on heart say i never hit him even after he switched fire onto me).

    We eventually got the victim to safety and then let this other fella go. Plod have just come round to my house to warn me that the attacker "May" want to put in a complaint against me. However luckily they have already weighed up the odds and decided that my story made alot of sense.

    However the idea that I "may" have to defend my actions is shocking when I have injuries to my face (as will the black and blue victim who legged it) and he I'm pretty certain will have nothing more than a sore wrist and dirty clothes!!!
  6. and get arrested for parking badly/infringing the attackers human rights/driving without due care and attention (after all whoever drove past was concentrating on their driving and not on the pedestrians)

    9 ish years ago when my car caught fire, several cars were driven through the flames (the wind was blowing the flames as far as the central double white line) rather than stop and offer assistance. I'm not surprised that people drove past an incident that had 'nothing to do with me'
  7. What happened to just being a decent human being, so what if doing right might land you on the wrong side of the law, could you really stand by and watch a woman being attacked without helping her?

    It's the law and the way it's interperated that is wrong, not helping people.
  8. Theoriginalphantom - wouldn't like to be out and about on Ops with you in case we were attacked. You'd be too scared to fire back in case you were investigated for an unlawful shooting. I would prefer someone with the moral fibre to act now and pay the consequences later.
  9. "All that is necessary for the triumph of Evil is that good men do nothing."
  10. Thats different and you know it. Even if he and I have different views on this, to drag that up is to start a b1tchy argment.

    Not to mention knock a thread off course on the first page!

    For starters on Ops he would have the backing of the Military Legal system (Find me a soldier who has been done on Telic/Herrick for opening up). Secondly it would be his job.

    Over here you risk an arrsehole plod deciding to do te wrong person or even worse becoming a victim yourself and then being left by passers by.

    I only got stuck in this evening as my missus was very distressed by witnessing it. If i'd have been on my own I too might have just drove on by as its got fcuk all to do with me and instead of writing statements and being dvised on what might happen, Imay have been out having a good night!
  11. I dont agree Crow - a man acts on instinct. If it is his instinct to drive past a woman who is being sexually assaulted just in case he ends up being investigated for an assault then who knows how he would react in different life threatening situations where the investigative consequences are far more severe.

    I wouldn't have thought any member of the British Army would think twice about helping, RAF maybe but Army no!!
  12. I wasn't actually being serious about not stopping due to getting arrested, however I'm not surprised that people won't stop to help others in obvious trouble. I simply used the day my car caught fire to illustrate this.

    edited to add: an elderly couple did stop and waited till the police and fire service arrived. I wish I'd got their details so I could actually thank them properly
  13. msr

    msr LE

    What on earth was he doing?

  14. Phantom - thanks for clarifying that point and I would be happy to go on Ops with you now so long as you ensure there is an extinguisher in the Snatch
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    That pretty much sums it up!