Helping the builders

Little five year Daisey is playing in the front garden when the builders arrive to start building a house next door on the vacant plot. Little Daisey starts asking if she can help them with her little toy wheelbarrow.
She is so cute the builders let her help. By the third day they are so impressed they give her a little pink hard hat and little pink wellingtons to wear whilst helping.
At the end of the week the foreman calls her over and gives her a little pay packet with £5 in. Little Daisey is over the moon, she rushes back to her house and tells her Mother and Father that she has been paid £5 for being so helpful.
Her Mother says. "Daisey that is wonderful, are you going to earn another £5 next week helping the builders?"
Daisey replied. "Only if Jewsons remember to deliver the F**king bricks!"

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