Helping selly oak.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by diane_41, May 3, 2007.

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  1. There Is a charity helping wounded servicemen and there familes, at Selly Oak hospital, called Troop Aid.

    The charity was set up and run by Captain Al Sutton and a few others, from the Knowle British Legion. Along with the above, I am too helping with this cause.
  2. 'Troop Aid' is not registered as a charity with the Charities Commission, according to their online database.

    Can you provide further details such as the charity registration number?
  3. more details please!
  4. I found an article on the web (in a church newsletter), which says that 'Troop Aid' provides kit such as toiletries and clothing to military patients in the hospitals covered by RCDM (Selly Oak and some others).

    The Defence Medical Welfare Service is the appointed welfare service at RCDM, and provides all these things free of charge as part of its remit. The items are paid for by MOD. However, I gather that 'Troop Aid' contributes additional supplies to DMWS for distribution by them to patients and visiting families.

    'Troop Aid' is not a registered charity.
  5. The 'yellow' ribbon looks green in the photo, if that is the case have we taken on the green ribbon from Sinn Fein now that they no longer need it for their prisoners?



    Title: Green Ribbon
    Description: The Green Ribbon is worn in support of 'Saoirse' a Republican organisation which campaigns on behalf of Republican paramilitary prisoners. In the past Saoirse lobbied for the recognition of political status for Republican prisoners, demanded the release of all political prisoners of the conflict.