Helping Police or giving evidence is against Sharia Law.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by siggie47, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Last night on Five Live a British Asian Lawyer named Choudrey? Not sure of the spelling. Who said he was a Judge in a Sharia Court said it was against Sharia law to help the Police or to give evidence to a Non-Muslim against a Brother Muslim
  2. Yes, I heard that. It's contrary to UK law not to assist the police when requested. His argument was weak and without substance. UK law prevails here not Sharia law so the solution for those that don't like it is more than obvious
  3. ... also shown on the TV news (ITV I think) last night, one whose ethnic origin would appear to be well East of the British Isles was ranting that it was a muslims duty NOT to help the police!
  4. ...and he was one of the 'moderate muslims' no doubt. You could tell he was a moderate because he wasn't exploding or driving a 4x4.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well they wont be wanting any help from the nasty kafur police if they get assaulted, burgled, held up or raped by a fellow Muslim? Fine by me.
  6. Bloody hell, whats wrong with these people? If they were in most muslim countries they wouldn't have much choice in helping the police, seeing as they would probably be being used as a human circuit breaker at the time.

    It really gets my back up when people enjoy the freedoms that this country provides yet try to undermine what it stands for and the systems to protect it.
  7. reminds of a clancy novel yob gets caught (in the free city of jerusalem long story )
    anyway gets the choice between western justice or sharia law.
    chooses sharia law imnans shrug have him dragged outside and cut his head off jobs a good'un :twisted:
    most of the fundies who complain about kafir justice in a muslims state would be tortured to extract what ever intel needed and then swiftly executed
  8. Just seen this on the BBC site,

    A Stealth bomber in Iraq is the moral equivalent of a suicide bomber in Scotland".

    Glasgow Airport door
    The routine has returned - but has Scotland changed?

    Tell us your feelings since the Glasgow Airport attack

    That was the message of Aamer Anwar, a leading human rights lawyer, during a BBC Scotland programme entitled "Scotland After the Bomb".

    Sharp intakes of breath as well as rounds of applause could be heard as he gave his views during the debate, which drew a studio audience from across the UK.

    Known for his smooth delivery and sharp suits, Mr Anwar gave another firebrand performance during the programme, broadcast eight days after the first major terror attack on Scottish soil.

    He was joined by Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister; David Cairns MP, Scotland Office minister; Bashir Mann, convener of the Muslim Council of Scotland and Farkhanda Chaudhry, of the Islamic Society of Britain.

    Mr Anwar, who has achieved prominence as a anti-racism campaigner, said Scotland had been gripped by complacency since the revelation that the suspects were not native Scots.

  9. Yeah right :roll:
  10. To be honest I feel the media are partly to blame for giving these radical minority factions the ability to present their views as the norm.

    I am sure the majority of free thinking Islamic / Muslim followers would still have the moral courage and sense to report their concerns to the Police.

    However I remember a time back in the bad old days of the PIRA threat that there were numerous ads reminding anyone to report anything suspicious to the police - I have yet to see the same drive here.
  11. I know how he feels. I used to be a 'judge' in a 'mess court'. Can't remember how many bottle of port fines I handed out during mess dinners but I never had anybody stoned to death (damn my pinko, liberal CO). My mess court had about as much legal standing as this bloke's sharia court.

    What about wannabe jihadis murdering Brother Muslims in a half arrsed attempt at restoring the Caliphate? Is that against Sharia law. Perhaps Ayatolla Chaudry can give us a fatwa on that one. Given the ethnic makeup of Glasgow, if the airport attack had been successful, many of the victims would have been muslims. Is involuntary martyrdom covered by sharia law?
  12. Gawd give me strength!!!!!! I always thought, like Trevelez, that it was against the law not to assist the police. Still no doubt yooman rites law could make an argument against it.

    But why hasn't this tw*t been arrested for advising people to break the law!!!! We don't need 'new' power and legislation, just senior coppers and politicians with the balls to apply the ones that already exist!!!

    End Rant, subside slowly into corner with fag and beer! Oops the fag's probably illegal now!!
  13. When I see this, my first thought was, "but their law does not count here" The reason why I say this is because; You go to a travel agent and book a holiday, if there are any strange local law's you get told about them then and there.

    You get told its against the law to drink alcohol, you have to cover your legs arms and head ect.

    We as a world have to respect and follow laws of other countries, it is expected of us and it is a unspoken contract which we agree to the moment we say "Oh yes please book this holiday to Iraq" or where ever.

    If we don't follow their law's then we are taken in by their police, we understand that and we respect that.

    So why the fook is it different here? why is this man who is saying Muslims can not help still able to preach and say hey don't listen to the law's make your own law's..

    He is in fact braking the law because he is now an accessory to these crimes which he is voicing about.
  14. It was Anjem Choudary wasn't it? The man is a follower of Omar Bakri and used to lead Al Muhajiroun. He is a second rate solicitor from Guilford who has no training in Islamic jurisprudence. I really don't understand why the BBC continues to give this man any air time.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    My bold.

    What else do you expect from the BBC? They, along with the rest of the liberal media 'establishment' are tying themselves in knots trying to convince themselves that the 'all moslems are good, all zionists are bad' argument is true, and that islamofasism is an acceptable culture. It's quite the norm, I'm afraid.