Helping out with the Cadets

I'm currently in the TA, however, I won't be attending my TAC for a few good months and was wondering would I be able to help out with the Cadets? As I am also ex-reg Army, I think I have something I could offer the cadets woth some of my experiences.

Provided you can get through the bullsh!t, most units would pull your arm off.

I think it involves a letter of authorisation from the local ACF Commandant and your CO, or just sign up as a new instructor. They don't conflict in any way if you won't be attending your TAC, and you have to give 28 Days Notice when you go back to your TAC (if you want to!).

I was in the cadets (... Should i admit to that? :? ) and we had people from TA help us at times. The best way to go about this would probably be to approach the local ACF/CCF etc. CO directly and ask him if you can help out, and if he agrees (they usually JUMP at the chance to get anyone who is serving, or TA trained) then alls well. Though if you're after getting this included as your yearly mandatory attendance that obviously requires you asking your own TA CO, too.

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