Helping old people.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SausageDog, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Ok, I put this in the Naafi because I didn't think it fitted anywhere else, but Moderators are at their liberty to transport it.

    It just occurred to me how little community spirit we seem to have in these times. Oh, and please before I have 400 people from Liverpool telling me how their child's pushchair was jacked up,and the wheels nicked, hear me out, mother hubbards!

    All I am proposing is that all of us who are able, look at what we can do for an elderly person (or lady without a strong chap) and without expecting money or (sexual) favours, do a bit of work for the person, for free.

    Obviously, if their porch light is fucked, and a new one is required, buy and fit the new part and reclaim the cost, but if they're across the road or right next door and you cut their grass or pull their bin in, it's not a big effort on your part.

    I'm going to start doing just this, and hopefully you will too.

    Edited to say; you don't have to rebuild their house, just ask a neighbour who seems to be struggling if you can help?
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  2. I've come to the conclusion that you are the most boring person on ARRSE.

    You are also PigGunner and Joe Civvie. You wretch.
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  3. Fall out of bed did we? You can be assured we are all separate identities and personalities, now off you trot. It must be methadone time at the clinic.
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  4. I regularly save my elderly neighbour the trouble of collecting his newspaper from his letterbox.

    By nicking it from the old German cunt!
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  5. I once helped an old bloke down the stairs at the shopping centre, but he was a bit of a mess by the time he hit the bottom.
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  6. You are a member of Kent Constabulary's TSG, and I claim my shoeing in the back of the van.

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  7. I once saved my wife's grandmother from having to feed her horrible toy poodle - by accidentally sitting on it when I was drunk (I didn't see it on the sofa), there was a brief "Yip" and the sensation of a pop (like a fat person sitting on and bursting a "whoopie" cushion). Quick as a flash I jumped up and moved to the other couch, 30 seconds later my wife came through to the front room, sat down next to the dog and started stroking him, she then realised he was dead & went to get her grandmother in order to tell her. Fortunately 95 year old women are surprisingly pragmatic about death and asked me to bury the dog in the garden. I was happy to oblige, as my imagination was doing overtime by imagining the poor thing being taken to the vet's and them finding that all of the wee rat's bones had turned to calcium powder.

    To be frank Sausage dog, I think I've done enough don't you?

    If it makes you feel any better, I felt awful about it afterwards.
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  8. Don't do it, they'll follow you home.
  9. I keep asking the missus who's a district nurse if she's helped any old people into the next life each day. I normally get told no I don't go to work to kill people. Which is a shame as some of her patients have nice houses in an area we are considering moving to.
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  10. I think Dr Shipman might have queered your pitch with that one.
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  11. I agree with the OP, we just do not do enough to help. Only the other day I saw an elderly man, be-decked in all his WW2 gongery, collapse and fit in the High Street. I watched in disgust for over half an hour as eveyone just passed by and ignored him. Thankfully someone eventually called an ambulence whichy was handy as my iphone can't video and make voice calls at same time.
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  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    OP, you asked for all that shit, posting such mush in Naafi.

    But on a serious note, where I live people ARE like that and do help each other out, look out for vulnerable people who live on the street, be there when neighbours need them. Stuff like that.

    It's a really nice place to live.
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  13. Sheltered accommodations great innit!
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  14. Go and weed Sluggy's garden it doesn't matter if she's dead the house will be worth more.
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