helping marty bird

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by pat_the_man, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. this guy is a great bloke i have spent time with him all over the world on tours and exercises.

    he loved the army and could imaginehimself out of it.

    in 2000, whilst at a house party marty met a girl and things went from there. unfortunatly the rubber he had wasn't up to the firefight :p. the girl got preggers etc but they were happy.

    about 2 months b4 the birth of his child, he was knocked off his motorcycle by a speeding vehicle on his way home from duty. the still unknown driver left him for dead!
    he would have been if it wasn't for another cmt lcpl also going home.

    marty was shatered from head to toe and suffered a major heamathorax and was unable to move because of a spine injury.

    they got a helivac to take asap to surgery in lincoln to stablize him and the surgeons were succesful...........for the time being. onward to icu. he had a few arrests whilst there in icu but his trauma was massive.

    for many weeks in icu have operations whilst in a coma to rebuild what should have been a dead man. very lucky to be alive. then they moved him to notts queens hospital for further ops on his spine and hopefully bring him around.

    this wasnt the case but on HIS birthday he awoke the same time his daughter was born. a miracle? i dont know but a wierd coincidence if not.

    after alot more ops and treatment they told him he would never walk again.

    marty being marty said we'll see about that. and he did everything that he was told not to do as to defy fate and walk again so he could play with his new daughter. she was his strength.

    a longer story short he manage to get home and slowly lost the wheel chair and manage on 1 stick.

    he and his g/f had 1 more child, a boy and things were looking up apart from little set backs like the pins holding him together giving way and snapping.(rare occurance i am told)

    when he thought all was well, and he would,after a few more ops, be back on the road to living a full life.

    the army then discharged him although he wanted to stay in. it hit him hard as he fought so this would not happen. his life became that of a hermit and he didnt get out and about. the pain from his injuries still excrutiating, drove him further into depression but there was hope. he needed a new left knee. but that was shattered by surgeons telling him he was too young to have 1.

    eventually on new years eve just gone, 3 months after his g/f miscarried his 3rd child, she left him and moved to her mothers as him being depressed, she couldn't handle it.

    i dragged him out the other night and listened to his concerns and problems.

    he wants to be "the old" marty again but feels "too cripple" and stated if only i could have a new knee so he could at least sit on a bike if he were never to ride 1 again.

    i know marty and his girlfriend very well, and its my belief that if he had this opertunity to have a new knee, it would lift his spirits towards the real marty and his g/f and children would return aswell as giving him a new lease of life. she still loves him but feels hopeless and tired.

    i would like to give him that knee but, i do not know where to start or the implications on him having one at a young age of 33. if there is an option even to go private or even abroad i would raise a fund to help him, and repay the favours that he has flawlessly done for me.

    i did find this link but although it discusses what happens it doesn't state the cost age restrictions etc.
    can anyone help with this please?

    ty for reading this i know it is a tad long but i REALLY want to help him and any help i can get for him. just to give him his soul and smile back once again.

    thx again
  2. Pat

    was this lad at 1CS?

    I havent worked in Orthopaedics for about four years now, but Ill ask the Consultant next week.

    Knee Replacements have an active life of between 10-15 years before needing replaced again.

    As he is a lot younger than the average patient requiring replacement - they would probably advise a 'non-cemented prosthesis'

    its an individual thing, dependant upon the surgeon really - and their view on life.
  3. Pat
    I currently have a injured Knee & i am going private through the park hospital in nottingham

    Does Marty still live in the nottingham area if so i can recommned a good specialist DR Needoff ( no Pun Real name) who will do this privately at the park youd just need to find out prices from there
  4. he was in 5 AFA then he went to 22 regt with me. which is where i met him. i'll need to talk to him about his options ty for info
  5. he lives not far from notts (about 40 mins) so i'll let him know :) ty