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Gents, Ladies,

A couple of weeks ago Bristol Rovers (The Gas/Gasheads) knocked Bristol City(Shitheads)out of the Johnstones Paint Cup to book a place in Cardiff at the final on 01 Apr 07.

On Saturday, 03 March the local paper, the Bristol Evening Post, had a story regarding an 18 year local boy, Jamie Cooper, who as member of the RGJ lost his leg in Basra. Not only had he almost died of his injuries, he contracted MRSA twice while in hospital back in the UK.

The week he started to walk again was the week when Rovers beat City, and it was on the front page of the paper that as a Gashead he would love to be able go to Cardiff for the game.

Last night on the front page of the Evening Post ( was an article that City fans, having been touched by his sacrifice and his wishes, were collecting money via buckets at matches or by via a Pay Pal site on in a bid to get the lad and his family to the game by helicopter.

Whilst I am a Crab working at the nest of Civil Serpants that is Scabbey Wood I realise that members of the ARRSE community may be interested in giving to the fund, but would probably be unaware of it.

Before you quote Persec to me, his name has been in best part of half a million paper in the last couple of weeks.

Sorry can't attach links, too fick to manage it !

If this has already been put in ARRSE, sorry guys
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