Helpful suggestions for reading at Remembrance service

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I have been asked to do a reading at our church's service this Sunday. I will read the Act of Remembrance, but prior to that I've been asked to read a poem. Now my dilemma is that there are a lot of children that will be present and also our Pastor is an ardent pacifist whose father was a concientious objector in WWII. My first choice was to be Wilfred Owen's Anthem for A Damned Youth, but Mrs Pike has raised the concern about its anti- church overtones, which leaves my second choice Dulce et Decorum Est.

Any ideas Ladies and Gentlemen?
Dulce et Decorum Est (persoanl choice) but when you consider whom we are remembering and why I dont think that anti church sentiments or the views of the GodSquad should even enter into it.

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