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Quite a few of us have been on SL a little while now and I thought as I keep finding new people looking lost, wondering aimlessly round the Island it would be of benefit to start a tips threads, for those that are planning on joining or just joined.

When you join ensure you do the 'help Island' aspect of SL, Im told it gives you 250L to get you started (I didnt do that bit).

Clothing/freebies - there are lots of places to find freebie clothing.

Newbie Dungeon, The GNUbie Store in Indigo,! Freebie Heaven & Club SL, to name a couple, use search, search all - keyword is obviously 'Freebie' :D

It is planned that a small mall will be on the Island for newcomers to grab free essentials, skins, shapes, clothes weapons, useful landmarks (you wont have to spend days searching for the bukkake place!!!)

Getting dressed - find the item in your directory, click to wear, if you suddenly find yourself with an unexpected box attached to your arm/leg/head it means the box must be opened, detach it then drag it from your inventory onto the ground, right click it open it and copy to your inventory, find item, click to wear.

If you find you have changed skin colour and it wont change back OR you find yourself floating/twitching/barking for some unknown reason constantly you may be wearing an item of clothing/skin containing a bug.

Go to your inventory in the search bar at the top type 'worn' it will then list everything you have on - take it ALL off and start again avoiding what you had on - if that means wondering around aimlessly nakkid till someone stops laughing and feels enough sympathy to help you then so be it - one of our lot spent DAYS floating around and was dangerous to touch as she fired you to the corner of the island due to a 'bug' in an ear ring!!

Weapons and firing them - click to wear, most weapons you must be in mouselock to fire, (there is a tab above where you type that says mouselock - click it)escape to come out of mouselock or click release keys tab. The Bearpit - you can't fly out of the Bearpit - I suggest you walk to the shortest wall and JUMP, page up to jump and fly, page down to land without landing in a heap on the floor! :D

There are a couple of 'poseballs' on the Island also found throughout SL, these are usually animations of some sort, you right click and as a rule general use sit OR start - stating the obvious blue or darker colours are for boys, pink or lighter colour for girls!

Finally from me for the moment as I have shops to build:-

I have been told to warn the fellas about Escorts harrassing you to part with your money!!!! Im sure someone else will elaborate on that one for you!!


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How the feck do I get to the Island??????

I've typed RnR into search and all it comes up with some groups like RnR Tennents but I can't find the island!


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type in RNR Island in the search box in the MAP VIEW. That'll find it for you!


You do to start off with, then it sort of evens out with everything else.


And im addicted to the island, only got there tonight!!
Thanks to John for the FIBUA tutorial :)

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