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Being an avid reader of both the Sigs and Outside the wire forums. I feel that we should all try and help each other out when it comes to finding employment in civi stasse.
I have spent the past few months searching for the right job and it is only now that I have found one. If you are going into the contract environment don't assume that the job is safe until you are actually sat in the chair.

Listed below are some good companies and agencies that I have used. Alongside them are some comments that may be of assistance to certain tradegroups.

Hopefully, those ex sigs that have also gone through what I have will be able to pass on some inside information to help others out. - Project management environment. - Project Management and Training - MOD/Government jobs (mostly telecomms)
www.pendragon - mainly government in the West Country

There are loads more that I have used but the above are the ones that love employing ex sigs trades.
Cheers mate. I didn't know JIB was back up and running.

By the way. Im consolidating all replies on this thread and intend to make it available to all Sigs who are either leaving or have left.

So the more replies the better.
Anyone looking at the moment could do worse than applying for the Technician or Project Manager roles advertised with in the careers section. The PM role is specific to winchester but the technician job is national although the reporting office is in London. I have been with the company for a couple of month now doing the technician role and I am very happy to be here after completing my 22 years.

Don't be put off with some of the quals that are mentioned on the advert, I dont think I have any of them. I was a radio op who finished in Feb 07 as SQMS. The job is basically looking after blue light service radios.

If you are interested apply by sending in a CV through the online facility and if you make it to interview just read up on the company and TETRA beforehand. There is also an ex Gurkha Signals lad working here who started a couple of weeks ago, so they like squaddies. Good luck to anyone who decides to have a go.
Not come across that one before. Cheers.

Plenty of feedback so far. I have 37 sites which are suitable for ex sigs personnel. Currently delving into each site to provide more job specific details.

If I may ask those of you who can help to please post your sites on this thread and not direct to me as everyone can see them as they are added.

Keep them coming.
Have you not tried, there is one in every town just waiting to P@ss off your friendly discharged squaddie.
Job centre plus is a great source of job hunting. However, a good route to take is to actually get direct access to the job market and the agencies that are specifically looking for personnel who have served in a defence/comms environment. Lots specifically target ex royal signals.

But it is definately worth a looksy though.

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