Helpful Arabic Phrases

Useful Phrases to Know When Travelling in warm sunni Areas

KBAR KHALI-KILI HAFTIR LOTFAN: Thank you for showing me your marvelous gun.

EKR GABUL CARDAN DAVAT PARH GUSH DIVAR: I am delighted to accept your kind invitation to lie down on the floor with my arms above my head with my legs apart.

HOWMAEH FEKR TAMOMEH OEH GORTEH BANDE: I agree with everything you have ever said and thought in your whole life.

CASHAL-EH FASHAL-EH TUPHEMAN NA DEGAT MAN GOFTAM CHEESHAYEH MOHEMARIR BEHMESHVAREHMA.: If you will do me the kindness of not harming my genital appendages, I will gladly reciprocate by betraying my country in public.

AUTO ARRAREGH DAVATEMAN MANO SEPHAHEH- HASTI: It is exceptionally kind of you to allow me to travel in the trunk of your car.

KHREL, JEPAHEH MANEH VA JAYEII AMRIKAHEY: I will tell you the names and addresses of many American spies travelling as reporters.

BALLI,BALLI,BALLI: Whatever you say.

MATERNIER GHERMEZ AHLIEH GHORBAN: The red blindfold would be lovely, excellency.

TIKEH NUNEH BA OB KHRELLEH BEZORG VA KHUBE BOYAST INO BEGERAM: The water soaked breadcrumbs are delicious, thank you. I must have the recipe.
Try this for a handy chat up line:

Wayne il bawabba samaki mashoor (best said loudly and with a broad Geordie accent!)

Where are the famous fishy gates?

Always works a treat with the beauties in the Middle East!


Have you got a translation of:

I'm getting married, please don't bomb me.


tattybadger said:
chimera said:
Have you got a translation of:

I'm getting married, please don't bomb me.
For feck's sake say it in English with a Texan drawl, NOT arabic!!!
I was thinking more about having it on a large banner to be laid out on the ground

Recently I received a warning about the use of this politically incorrect
term, so please note, we all need to be more sensitive in our choice of words.

I have been informed that the Islamic terrorists who hate our guts and
want to kill us do not like to be called "Towel Heads" since the item they wear on their heads is not a towel but actually a small, folded sheet.

Therefore, from this point forward, please refer to them as "Little Sheet Heads."

Thank you for your support and compliance on this delicate matter.
:D :D
:D I'll address my boss in those terms tomorrow, and see whether it gets me any brownie points. He's a 6'4" Yemeni.

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