Helpful advice from Knut, unemployed, of Schleswig-Holstein

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. What's wrong with it? Apart from the common sense in trimming sail in a storm, it's practical advice.
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  2. Eat less meat, drink more water, and work; labour makes you free.
  3. Typical.

    They missed, "Invade Poland, France, Norway and the Low Countries and loot them".

    Sloppy journo cunts.
  4. From the link:

    I think 2. might save about 0.45 new pence a year.

    Oh - and rush out and spend a few bob on 4. to save -£sss and have some random in a boiler suit shag your missus.
  5. As the saying goes, "Every little helps." Do they have Tesco in Germany?
  6. It may also be noted that Hartz IV payments are more generous than equivalent UK benefits.

    But everyone comes to Britain to sign on because.. easy... gravy train... welfare state... socialists... free ride *yawn* etc.

    Nobody who is entitled to live in the EU comes to Britain for benefits... Unless they're very, very stupid.
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  7. Watched this on TV, dont see what all the fuss is about tbh. Obviously its the fucking PC Lefty Brigade stirring shit, because these tips should almost all apply to everyone, not just the lazy, sponging, un-educated, Penny Markt visiting Dreck that I along with others personally spend thousands of my hard-earned cash on every year.

    Heres my fucking tip:

    Get a job!
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  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Its practical advice if you realise that being on benefits is a safety net intended to support you while you get back in work. I would imagine that the professionally unemployed will start frothing at the month if they have to cut of their Sky Sports subscription.

    I was interested to hear that bringing in the benefits cap of £25,000 a year has already persuaded 14,000 of the long term unemployed back into work. It seems when the money dries up and the lifestyle gets less comfortable, work suddenly starts to seem more attractive again.

    Strange that...

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  9. Can't see that some folk being too stupid to take it is reason not to give out good quality advise for the sake of those that will.
  10. In these PC times the Naafi has gone downhill. I was hoping Cnuts helpful advice was along the lines of:

    1. Always raid a monastery at prayer time as all the monks will be together making the killing quicker and easier.
    2. Never rape the young pretty women to death, they make good money in the Dublin slave markets.
    3. When raiding England, get the king to pay you a fortune in silver pennies to go away then sail up the coast and rape and pillage anyway.
    4. When raiding France take plenty of mead as their local brew is like dish water.
    5. Try and get yourself a good nickname like Boneless, Bloodaxe, Bluetooth or Folk beard, it sounds great in the sagas they will tell about you and will look good in the history books.
  11. You are Eric Bloodaxe and I claim my Danegeld....


  12. The best advice to saving money in Germany,is to mine sweep whilst on the lash.Also one can save money on taxi carriage,by simply whipping a bicycle when rolling out of whatever club.
  13. FFS Rodney, per sec and where did you get my phot? Have you been on my "Vikings R Us" Facebook page (again)? :)
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