I am looking for my friend's brother. He is a British Gurkha soldier based in Liverpool. I am in urgent need to contact him. His name is Suren Gurung. Please help me in locating him. If anybody know him, please reply or ask him to reply in my email. Eagerly waiting for any info to contact him.
If you know any more details you could send a letter with hsi regi number and name and last known unit. It will get there eventually.

Failing that.

What capbadge is he?

Try ringing the Regimental Headquarters of that capbadge. This isn´t the same as phoning his unit, it is an administration HQ, and they should be able to find him for you, or get a message to him to phone you up.
if you PM me with his regimetal number ill look on JPA this week and PM you what unit he is with and get you the address.
I don't know anything about his regiment or badge or anything. I just know that he is serving in British Army and he is currently in Liverpool. That's all I know. So is there any way to send a message to British Army and then pass that message to him.

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