Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Bikerbird, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just noticed on that if you go down (later boys - this bit's important!) to the poll, Help for Heroes has been shortlisted from 600 chosen charities to receive donations from the site. There are 12 charities to chose from and 4 will eventually be chosen that could get upto £20,000 each.

    The voting ends Tuesday 22nd July and it's currently 2nd in the running.

    Not being a technically minded bird I don't know how to keep this post going so any help to bombard and get some votes would be appreciated.

    Cheers boys and girls

  2. Click HERE to vote!

    Edited to add, H4H is currently in 2nd place, but I'm sure we can ramp it up!

    BLISS... for babies born too soon, too small, too sick. Link: Bliss 19 114 votes)
    CAP UK... personal help for those needing debt counselling. Link: Capuk 12% (73 votes)
    Carers UK… caring for carers, practically, emotionally and financially. Link: Carers UK 10% (61 votes)
    Citizens Advice... providing free information and advice. Link: Citizens Advice 12% (70 votes)
    Foal Farm… restoring sick and unwanted animals to health. Link: Foal Farm 6% (34 votes)
    Hearing Dogs for Deaf People… transforming lives. Link: Hearing Dogs 4% (25 votes)
    Help for Heroes… direct support for our forces’ wounded. Link: Help For Heroes 15% (88 votes)
    iT4 Communities… Helps charities so they can do more good. Link: it4communities 0% (2 votes)
    NCH... helping vulnerable children and young people achieve their potential. Link: NCH 9% (51 votes)
    Samaritans… providing confidential emotional support to the UK. Link: Samaritans 9% (53 votes)
    Shelterbox… giving emergency aid worldwide. Link: Shelterbox 3% (17 votes)
    St Giles Trust… helping reduce crime and social exclusion. Link: St Giles Trust 2% (10 votes)
  3. Linky (to make things easier) as the site has different news letters?
  4. Thanks Dozy!
  5. Done

    Come on everyone, please vote. You know it makes sense to get more for our heroes.
  6. Voted, HFH was 2nd, come on guys lets keep it going.
  7. Voted, sent the link on to a few people as well.
  8. Done, bugger my one arm typist skills are far too slow.
  9. Vote cast.

    Come on folks. Lets get H4H up to Number 1 spot.

    Cheers N_W.
  10. voted!
  11. voted,but only 111 votes so far.
  12. Done, 114-120 now 18% each :D
  13. Vote vote vote! Support your troops!