Evening everyone

Sorry if i put this in the wrong forum, but i have my first Training weekend on the 9th and i was wondering what to expect and is there anything extra i should take.

Take a bottle opener. Unless you're yeomanry, in which case a corkscrew.

You should have a list of things to take, but remember the obvious, just in case it has been assumed. Wash kit and boot cleaning kit were omitted from my list, many moons ago. :oops:
Sense of humour
Ability to see beyond the end of your nose
Willingess to learn
Earnest endeavour.
Acute hearing
Worry less ;)

Wash kit, knife, fork, spoon, mug, bogroll, alarm clock, mirror and sink plug. These are the essentials - even in later life, you'll realise that anything else is just a luxury.

Pyjamas, slippers, teddy, hot water bottle and a small Bible. Horlicks tablets, if you can find some. You won't actually need these, but they'll get people worried.

Give your TAC a ring to find out what you do actually need. You may need PT kit, so it's best to confirm. A few paracetamol will also come in useful, if not for yourself, then for others.
putteesinmyhands said:
Wash kit, knife, fork, spoon, mug, bogroll, alarm clock, mirror and sink plug. These are the essentials.
And a packet of Haribo :)

I got issued my uniform, webbing and bergan last night , not sure what to do with it though
Don't sweat it mate, just came back from my first weekend, everything you need to know webbing and burgen wise will be shown, remember most of the bods there will have no military experience and you are there to learn!

As mentioned above go in with a good attitude, eyes and ears open gob shut and smile, it was the best thing I have done in a long time.

Remember though have fun, the staff have all been where you are now, hell I even found PT fun!

Any other questions feel free to drop me a PM
Thanks for your help guys, got back a few hours ago, I loved every minute of it, well perhaps not the cookhouse food! and i never imagined i would enjoy PT, or doing SAA in 30 degree heat with shirts smocks and kevlars on, but it was all great fun, and the staff were all helpful and clued up.

That's the ticket!

Keep telling yourself that, and in no time you'll actually believe it! ;)

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