Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dan1vikings08, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. :twisted: We know who you are now, watch your back!!!!! :evil:
  2. I don't know is my best answer, but more to the point.....would you want this unreliable waste of skin in your regt???
  3. PERSEC mate... shouldn't put your name... ;)
  4. oh do you now? should i really? hmmmmmmmm.
  5. You shouldnt really post your name on here mate, never mind your regiment.

    With regards to your question, im in the same boat as smudge mate, cant really say what the careers office will do to/for him. If he is scared of typing on this site or even going up to the careers office, whats he gonna be like in a contact??? If he is serious about rejoining tell him to get some bottle and go the AFCO.

    At the end of the day, the worst they could say is no.

    Good luck to him anyways
  6. I havent spoke to anyone in the battalion about it because if he is accepted he will come to the regt and will most prob be known as my mate and i dont want that. at the same time i want alot of arseache inquiring if he dosent even get accepted.
  7. why dont you go with him? by the way......... got my selection test soon and i thought id make you feel better by saying im going to join 1 royal anglian........
  8. With the screen name of "Private Pile" i am sure he cant wait... :D
  9. 12 months phase 1. F*ck me, poor fatherless! I hated 10 weeks of it never mind 52!
  10. fiancee says i look like bradley from eastenders except i aint got ginger hair and ive got a skinhead....however my old man says i look like pvt pile.

    im sure the whole of the royal anglian regiment is honoured that i might be strutting my stuff with them soon.....
  11. If anybody joins my battalion with the name pile, then beware!!

    Why do you want to join the first btln are you local?
  12. Knowing what the Vikings have just been through on Herrick and the name they and some of the lads made for themselves in Helmand, most with an average age of 18 - 19 many on their first tour. Would you really want this shurker in the Regiment I know I wouldnt.

    As much as a friend he might be all that he might only be in for is to be part of the reputation that the Batallion now has.
  13. to be honest i dont want him in the btln if he does arrive i dont want him anywhere near me, although he will prob be put in my coy as he is from my catchment area.

    I think he should go for another capbadge as he has already shat on the regt once before
  14. born in hackney raised in Bas-vegas - basildon essex