im still at school and i have my army careers appointment next week with sgt neal from chelmsford careers office. Do i need to have my gcse or anything like that before going into the army. i.e. doing the b.a.r.b test, going to the army development and selection centre ... any info would be much aprichiated :)

many thanks
l/cpl blackham
After your first talk/appointment with your Sergeant, you should discuss what your wanting to do in the Army as i think there is about 182 diffrent career choices. However diffrent jobs require diffrent qulifications, but there is many jobs int he army that requires none. So best thing to do is talk abit about what your intrested in with your Sergeant, and he will provide the necessary information and arrange more appointments with you. After you have found somthing that intrests you then you will be given an application form to fill out and arrange for you to do a BARB test when you go to hand it back in.

Don't worry though the recruitng Sergeants are excellent and will give you the answers to anything you need to know.

Im currently waiting for my Medical Questionare to get cleared, so if you need anything answered to that stage then PM me.

Good luck.

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