I need some advice or some experience.

I decided to post in the officer forum becuase it is a leadership issue, however I am not sure if it TOTALLY belongs here. Please hear me out.

In a purely hypothetical situation, in which I find myself. Cadet X (holding the rank of Sgt) his broken the rules many many times. Been kicked out 4 times.

Cadet X goes and complains to the Principal (Who is the ultimate CO in a CCF as they belong to the school). The Principal, after much consideration decides to order the cadet back into the unit.

The cadet in question is egotistical, dishonest, untrustworthy undermining and one serious B*****D. He has no integrity, however is so desperate to join the army as an officer that he feels he NEEDS cadets.

In my opinion he has wrapped the principal around his little finger and managed to convince the Principal to agree with him.

I and my deputy leader of the unit said that we would refused to go on weekend/camps with said cadet. However, due to dedication to the unit (there is no ulterior motive as we are too old to benefit greatly from it now (4 months to go)) have been persuaded to reverse our decision on this matter.

We are however afraid that said cadet will continue to undermine us and cause more trouble, I hope you agree.

I ask this: Is it right for us to refuse to participate in anything he does or is it an example of bad leadership, bearing in mind we have tried over the years when he has been kicked out and returned 4 times.

Any opinions, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated.

I need help.



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I presume that all wrongdoings have been dealt with properly and formally documented?

If so and you are the OC (are you an adult instructor or a cadet?) and the Head still takes a cadet's side over yours, I'd resign now, or at least take it to the board of governors.
Bottom line: this is not a miltary matter, but an internal school discipline issue - and should be dealt with as such.

I seem to recall being taught at Sandbags (many moons ago) there were two types of courage: physical and moral. Time to exercise the latter perhaps? Or, as one of my early Tp Sgts put it ,"Sir, sometimes all you can do is just try to do the next right thing".

By your post, I suspect you already know what needs to be done.
Sticking my head into somebody else's forum, I know, but can't you have him bust down to Cadet (or even Cpl)? It's a compromise with the Principal - yes, we'll take him but not as a Cdt Sgt - while the likelihood is that said cadet probably wouldn't want to continue within the unit having lost his power base.

Or assign him a purely admin role, where he can't lord it over the other cadets.
I have no choice but to accept the fact that he has been readmitted I guess I just needed to get this off my chest.

I have 4 months to go in the school before I leave, therefore all i need to do is deal with this for a short period of time (may sound slightly selfish but...)

If you are the OC in the CCF then when this * “uppity chopper” applies for a commission, the staff at AOSB will request a report from your unit. If I were you I would remind Cadet X of this and tell him, his behaviour now can and will affect his future if he tries to join the army. Also I would ask him which of these vital Officer qualities he feels he is displaying: Integrity, Respect and good leadership? Just a thought but has the principal explained his decision to you?

* “uppity chopper” this was borrowed from one of cpunk’s recent posts.
I'm not the OC, I'm the most senior cadet. The principal has explained that she beleive he has "changed" and seen the error of his ways (for the fifth time!)

The principal also said to me that one of our past pupils, who has since joined the army as an officer, would not have refused to co-operate with a person because they didn't like them. I mean I'll be honest I don't like the person ,but he is also a kinieving (sp?) little s**t.

Every member of staff agrees with my position, but the principal has the final word.

OCs have the ability to fiddle with lists. As long as exercises and camp are oversubscribed your OC can leave the troublesome erk behind. If the staff share your view they can deal with it.

The Principal will rue the day they let the toerag back in if he chins someone at camp.

Equally, you meet all sorts of tossers in life, deal with them.
Sounds like some good old fashioned 'character building' would do the job!
Cadet Service doesn't mean much when you get to Sandhurst.

If he is a repeat offender, there isn't much chance he'll change before he gets to Sandhurst and Sandhurst will pick up on it.

You have the morale high ground that you KNOW he has done the wrong thing, he has been caught and is being allowed to continue in his cadet career for "political" reasons.

Just keep your Cadet relationship with him 100% professional and above reproach - give him no excuse to come back and say that you made his life hard because of his problems and don't sacrifice your experience to prove a point.
Hypothetically....i'd fill him in and give him what we call in the Gunners a 'night occy'. Hypothectically of course!

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