When i took my medical to the doctors to be signed, i waited 2 week and then rang back today and asked when i would be able to return and pick it up and she said it will be done by the weekend and they send it off to Bath. I was under the impression that i take it back to the careers office and give it the recruiter because that is what he told me to do or send it off myself. Am abit confused what to do? Should i just ring the careers office? Any help would be appreciated
Well mate that happened to me, after 3 months of waiting i was told by my doctor they had sent the file off. So i contacted my local army recruiter and he informed me that they still have not received. Again i went back to my doctor who informed me that it had been sent and had claimed the money from the army.
So again went back to my recruiter and started the process over, 4 months after i started the application. My advice to you if you do not here from the recruiter in 2 weeks, from now, get some more froms done and make sure this time you hand the forms to the recruiter yourself. They will not charge the army again. I did and 7 days later got cleared and had my final interview. Week after that i got my selection dates set for 17th 18th jan 08 at Pirbright. 6 months in the waiting and now feeling nervous and excited

Do not wait like i did contact recruiter in 2 weeks time i would say, hope this helps mate and good luck.
I'm suppose to ring back Friday just to clarify they've been done and sent, should i ring tomorrow and say leave them there i'll pick up and send off.?

Cheers Steveflan
YES def hand them in to your recruiter personnally, otherwise you may be waiting longer like i did. Not saying it will happen again but to avoid lengthy delays.

Good luck mate.
You need to clarify what forms they are sending off to Bath (unless things have changed that much in the lasy few years). They send the form to claim the ££ off the army for doing the medical to Bath and the RG8 to the ACIO so the recruiter can click the relevant sent to ADSC button and direct to ADSC med wing. Some GPs do allow you to pick up the RG8 and deliver it to the ACIO by hand to save post delays. I did have a couple of GPs who would never claim the money for filling out the forms and send back with crossed out bill with NO FEE written on, when I spoke to him about it he said his practice would not charge seeing youngsters were willing to sign up for a good cause. TOP BLOKE :clap:

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