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Quick question. Have recently become an SMI, and have been told that I will require a different shirt (SD shirt I assume) to be worn in no2 dress. I have one but unfortunately my neck is somewhat wider than the mate who gave it to me. Does anyone know anywhere in the north of england where I might source one? I have already tried the usual avenues such as ebay, cadet direct, silvermans and no joy. My neck size is about 44cm.
Ok just as a temp measure if the shirt is ok and its just a tight fitting collar because of your neck, sew a looped piece of elastic round a spare button and use it as a bridge between the button hole and shirt button, it only takes a minute to make. If your wearing a tie/dickybow underneath you cant tell and can breath at least. My temp repair as lasted about six months and used it on my mess dress and No.2s and you cant tell the difference, saves buying a new white shirt when Ive only got a couple of years left. Well done The Wife :D

On the other hand use your beer tokens and buy new shirt
Forgive me for saying so, but have you asked your QM? It should be an issue item to you as a SMI. I can not remember exactly what it says on the label, Shirt Officers I expect, and they certainly come in 44cm.
The Iron: Good idea. Thanks
angels.reply. Thanks, will try that
OBLI, Technically you'd think that'd be the case, but uniform items of this nature are becoming less and less available to ACF instructors. I'm going to maybe approach my local TA battalion and see if they're amenable to exchanging what I have already.
Thanks again everybody. Pimp, I have all the other kit I need (shoes tie etc), thanks, and today managed to source the correct shirt, but thanks for your help and suggestions everybody

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