Sorry if this is the wrong Forum BUT I know PTP is the Moderator. I have been trying to send PTP an urgent PM as I have lost his email address. However my PMs will not send for some reason, they just get stowed in my Outbox - any ideas how I get them to go from there please!!!!!

I need ARRSEs help with something very urgently which is of great importance.

PTP could you please contact me - (or any of the Head Sheds on ARRSe). I also lost my mobile pohone with all numbers in - lesson learnt I now back my mobile phone details up to my computer regularly with my new mobile phone.

Please fell free to delete this topic when actioned.


PS. Still waiting impatiently to hear when and where the party for the sucess at Ashtead is going to be. The moths are starting to eat my Nimby Polo Shirt!!!!!

Why the delay?
PM only leave your outbox when the person you send them too receives them, I think. So if PTP is offline they will stay there.
HJ, Ex-REME is spot on. The message will stay in your Outbox until PTP logs on, at which point the flag will change to "Sent" and as if by magic, the message will appear in PTP's Inbox.

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