Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by PushBeyondYourLimits, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey I Should Be Going 2 AFC Harrogate On September 9Th, Just After Some Advice On Fitness Levels...
    Mile And A Half Run Time Is Rougly 10:30
    I'm Running Mile And A Half Twice A Day, Running It In The Day Then Jogging It At Night
    I'm Also Doing 50 Press-up (5 x 10) And 75 Sit-Ups (5 x 10 and 1 x 25) A Day And 1 Hr-1 Hr 30 Mins Weight Training A Day, With Sunday As A Rest Day
    Should I Be Able 2 Cope With The Fitness Side?
    Any Help/Advice Greatly Appreciated
  2. That sounds OK as an entrant, and you will get all the guidance and 'encouragement' from the staff there.
    Best of luck, stick at it.
  3. No, you're a poof join the RAF.
  4. i do love some of the replies given, some are quite the


    seriously though, thats fine, i kow some people go in without training and get through it, most likely after some "encouragement" {as said earlier}

    and if youre doing that sort of training everyday, you should be fine.
  5. If I have any comment, it is that you may be doing too much. Personally I would plug in at least another rest day mid week.

    Remember that the training effect occurs not when you’re pounding the pavement but when you are resting (especially when you’re asleep at night).

    I would also taper your training down as you approach your target date. Better to arrive fresh than over-trained. Remember that you lose fitness at an even slower rate than you gain it.

    To answer your question, with 3 weeks to go you can probably relax as I reckon that 10.5 is fine (it's a pass at PFT after all (PFT being the trained soldier fitness test)). You'll likely get even faster during training. With a few weeks to your start date, I would be enjoying myself as much as poss because you'll be losing a fair bit of your freedom for a little while after you arrive.
  6. Just a point on that time of 10.30
    People who come in at those times are seen as physically weak
    as that is a basic standard designed as a starting point
    your target as a young soldier should be a lot better than that and i'm sure after some basic training it will be
  7. Leave the lad alone, he has just asked for some advice, considering the times of some supposedly trained soldiers its perfectly fine before he even starts training. I suppose you were a hero as soon as you were born? C0CK
  8. Don't "over train" but try and knock off another 30 seconds...You should be fine ..don't worry, their job is to get you fit.Good luck
  9. Bear in mind he has yet to start his training. If he can pass PFT at the first day, I see no problems ahead.
  10. Spot On, Cheers For The Advice
  11. Im also going to harrogate but in January.
    Yea i agree with drag, stick some more rest days in.
    Not to brag but i do a similar routine to you but every other day and my run time is roughly 9.20.