Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by stabandswat, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. I already posted this in the Charities forum but to no avail. Sorry to go around cap in hand.

    I feel cheeky asking but I need sponsoring for the Great North Run in September. I am running this half marathon for deaf kids and am also raising funds elsewhere but I figured it can't hurt to ask on here as well! I know this charity is nothing to do with the Armed Services and other people are running races in aid of service charities etc but i'm not asking for a lot, just the odd pound. Any help given will be greatly appreciated. You can sponsor me by following the link in my sig block.

    Thank you all in advance. S&S
  2. I'll line up and cheer you on fella, but im borrasic myself! Sorry pal
  3. Done! Good luck!
  4. Thanks to Dale the Snail, Saintstone and Gooneyboy. Your donations are gratefully received!

    SparkySteve thank you for the offer of lining up to watch me!! The race isn't until September 30th so if you find a couple of quid down the side of your sofa......
  5. Bump (mate, are you short?)
  6. No I'm 6ft 2
  7. I'm nearly there!! I have been raising funds elsewhere and am just £100 short of the target amount. Any offers??

    Once again thanks to all who have donated!