Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ubersniper, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. Thought this would be the best place to ask this question:

    How do you decide between using section battle orders 2 - 6 and contact drills (running away while providing covering fire)? Is it formation related???
  2. i would imagine the ammount of incoming would be a pretty good indicator.
  3. Good question about the sort of fundamental thing we take for granted. Recognising being under effective fire is another.

    A lot must depend on your understanding of what you are trying to do and how important it is, as well as understanding the nature of the situation you find yourself in.

    Training will start you off, good briefing will be essential, but experience will be more use than either, I suspect.
  4. Oh right, I thought it was more like if you were like in staggered you would do contact drills, whereas arrow or extended line meant SBOs

    Can anyone help me with a project for training (AIR) cadets in OBUA? Could someone PM me the dimensions for the l85 i.e barrel length from foregrip, foregrip length and height, main body length/height, mag housing dimensions and magasine dimensions. If anyone can provide these dimensions for the L86 as well with diagrams, it would be greatly appreciated.

    If you are wondering why I need this info, I'm working with some CIs to recreate the weapons from wood and metal pipes - cept they won't let me have a plastic bayonet :x
  5. WTF! Where ARE you? Peshawar??
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


  7. use a real one :D
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I'd check the standing orders for the OBUA facility you wish to use first, as cadets may well be prohibited....

  10. I'm sorry I've not had enough coffe today, so I don't understand your question. Not all our cadets are qualified to handle the weapon so we need mockups. I must state again we are not cadets in the armed forces, we are cadets 13-19 outside in an organisation for those with an interest.

    Would love to, but the cadets are scared of me unarmed, wonder how fast they could do a CFT if I turned up with my K-bar and throwing knife thigh set :twisted:
  11. I would buy a ticket :D
  12. try the armourer to where your sqn weapons are secured, they should know and maybe ask MC to sell the tickets he's always after a profit!! :wink:
  13. PDC

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    Nor allow you out onto a public playing field where people are walking their dogs, and playing football, with a replica firearm.

    And who ever mentioned metal pipes?
  14. PDC

    PDC Swinger

    None of our cadets are qualified, so what do you mean "not all"