Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by monkey104, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I have recently received a couple of medals belonging to my grandad who passed away about 35 years ago.I would like to find out some information about him and how, and where he served. There are two medals, the Defence Medal and an Efficient Service Medal with a Territorial bar. There is a name rank and number inscribed on the side of the medal and the unit was Y & L.R. which I am assuming is or was the Yorkshire and Lancashire Yeomanry. I also have a brass badge in the shape of a drum with a cotter pin and red felt backing which indicates he may have been in a band and or stretcher bearer which may be correct as many, many years ago i recall seeing a photo of him wearing a leapordskin apron and carrying a drum.
    Could any of you guys give me some idea as to where i need to start looking for further info.
    Thanks for reading this far and i really would appreciate any advice
  2. Try the national archives, you can enter his service number, but have to pay for the download
  3. When you get finished with your research, 49 Para are looking for people like you for their LRDG Squadron. Apart from that, good luck with your research !
  4. Any chance you could scan the photo and badge and re-post?
    If you wish put regimental serial number on as well.
  5. Sorry Dragoon, you lost me there!!
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