Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ally133, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. orite guys and gals, i need a little help here, just finished my second interview with sgt major and i'm waiting for rsc date, now my first job choice is systems engineer tech, what do you guys think this job is like and do you think that electronic warfare systems operator is any better!? thanks in advance ally!
  2. Ally,

    Having spent time in the EW world, don't go there if you are being offered the Sys Eng Tech job. Yes, there are good parts to the job, but they are few and far between. At least Sys Eng Tech gives you something to come out with.

    Regards - the fredster
  3. There are some very unusual and rewarding jobs for the EW op chappies, but I have to say that they have rather a small 'gene pool' with all the pros and cons that goes with such a system - they will tend to rotate between 3 main places with a couple of jobs outside. As a sys eng tech you can pretty much go everywhere. And on the plus side, you'll eventually merge with the best trade in the Corps (IS Engineer).
  4. Work on your written English. That effort makes a Chunky sound like Steven Hawking.
  5. Sys Tech Eng is combining with IS Eng in 2008.

    Speaking as a Tech who's current employed in PC and network repair, I reckon it's about time this happened, though it's gonna be a ballache for anyone who's due on their Class 1 in the next year...

    It's gotta beat being a wobblyhead though... :wink:
  6. I'm ex EW, and I can vouch as I sit here now earning shed loads, its a great grounding in many things. Nothing specific when you get out (unless you want to go work at the Farm or associated agencies). Given the limited forum this is, I can’t go into exact details, but each unit has its own offerings and geographically based work. A dead cert is that you will be on det or on op tours most of your time. Interspersed with the odd career course, time spent in a lab to learn something new key to your next 6 months living out of a bag, again. The rest of the corps, neigh army will try to look down on you as they don’t fully understand what you may exactly do. Those that think they know have probably only worked along side guys at 14 sigs and don’t know the full nature of the job. Saying that, you will be pulled out of the sh1t more times than you want by a good tech (hard to say, but even harder to find).

    The day I left I got a 3k pay rise to become a trainee at a telco, that was after 15 years and making all the right noises and doing ALL the courses.

    Looking back, there isn’t much that you do (dependant on units you visit) that is specific to you working outside. Planning ahead and picking the right resettlement course geared to what you initially want to do when you get out is a big factor. I back this up with the fact that on the telco course I did, was mainly revision for me but for others, ex marines, aircrew, officers, corps members etc, it was a totally new subject. Yet for the first couple of years after we all got out (and sadly as it may seem kept in touch to try and get everybody work) we all went on to bigger and better things.

    Most people here are out and enjoying life with rosey glasses, those still in have a different view and may be clouded. Whatever choice you make is up to you and I hope you enjoy what you pick.
  7. Speaking as an ex RTG who has done OK since leaving the Corps (though currently looking for a new job due to redundancy), I would say that going down the Tech route would be better for the long term.
    I know a few ex Corps members who worked alongside me, and to be perfectly honest, the one's who did best on the technical side of my industry were those who came from the Technical background, rather than the Operator side.
    The Ops tend to do better in the management path (as I did/have done) - am not saying there are always exceptions to the rule, but that's how it seemed to me.
  8. thanks guys, that has opened my eyes a lot more! i have my rsc on 12 / 12th october so will make my mind up then! thanks again lads, oh and the_guru's backpassage is so big from all the action its recieved, that when he farrts all you can here is a gentle breeze! wan*er!
  9. Remember that just as many of us have worked all over the DISI environment, beaker.

    I have noticed your recurring theme of earning shedloads of cash. Can you elucidate at all? What quals and characteristics got you the role and what do you actually do? Could be useful for the lads who are leaving.

    BTW - were you going out with a little blonde tech?
  10. You'll go a long way, my grammatically challenged friend.
  11. Is there any real need to just put people down all the time??? NO!!!
  12. Ha Ha. Lighten Up. If he breathes hard about a bit of GENTLE ribbing, then he's in for a shock. You though, can fcuk off. Geek.
  13. Little blonde tech is now my wife and mother to our son. Currently a fulltime gym queen and socialite.

    I can’t say there are any quals that landed me where I am now. I still have no formal quals, no degree etc. For my resettlement course I picked the BTEC PDC in data comms held at Plymouth College. I applied for it even before I signed off as it seemed to be the course to do, was over subscribed by a year and everybody that I knew who had done it all went on to a job immediately. Which is what you when you get out.

    As for characteristics, that easy. Employers love ex servicemen. Fact. I mailed emailed shed loads of companies prior to leaving and got 3 interviews prior to my termination date. 3 interviews, 3 offers and at each one the manager expressed their like for the qualities service men display as they are keen, resourceful, eager, adaptable, punctual, they go above and beyond and shine out compared to the shower of sh1t that their contemporaries are. This was borne out where I worked when we had a round of redundancies. All the service men with less experience were still there afterwards (bar those that took the money knowing then how easy it was to get a job). The money grabbing lazy civvies that never came in early, stayed late or worked weekends when needed were all let go. Funny that.

    Anybody that ever wants any info, help etc, just PM me.
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