I don't know if this is in the right place, or even if it's allowed, and I don't even know if you can help me, but since I can't seem to manage this by myself I'm hoping someone can. Basically I'm looking for a guy who is my.. 3rd cousin. I know he's in the army, but I haven't seen him for about six years. He's nineteen I think, and originally from Swindon. I don't think i'm allowed to name him or give any other details (from what I can gather about the site), so if anyone can help me or give me any ideas as to how I can get in contact with him, it would be very very much appreciated!
Thank you :)


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Do you know what regiment he is in? After all, there are quite a few 19 yr olds in swindon, so some kind of detail would help...


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What details do you know, PM if you like. I am in Swindon (play the violins...), so there is a very vague chance i might be able to provide a lead?
Is he a 5ft 7", gwar, Scorpio, banjo player with a lisp who goes by the nickname of Smudger and loves lemon curd butties?


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no, he is from bristol...or do you mean his brother in reading?
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