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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chavhater, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. just want some advice, in the army isnt it against the law for a soldier to cheat on his wife?

    But what if its a civvy worker who is having it off with the married man? Could she too get in trouble?
  2. cheers for the help. im sure my spelling is just fine.

  3. Depends who the soldier is.........and who's wife!
  4. come on tell us who it is?
  5. Has anyone found an actual reg regarding this or do we just apply the values and standards?
  6. used to be a quick way of getting a posting as a singlie
  7. Im the wife ! Hubby went with some little (well large actually) slut who works in brompton bks in chatham.

    Surely she should get in shit for going with a married man too ? Its not the forst either....

  8. Whats his name? Go-on, post his name here - it will make you feel better!!!
  9. pm me, if you want a revenge shag.
  10. If she’s not in the army then how can she get in the smelly stuff?

    You’d be better off shoving poo through her mailbox and shaving her pets.
  11. her name is natasha (tasha) or yakult.
  12. whats your hubbies name? And any answer on the revenge shag, yet?
  13. And what is she giving him, that you don't?
  14. no sorry, but cheers anyway aye lol so do u think she could get in the shit ? Or will it have to be a case of sweet revenge ?