If anyone out there can help i would be most greatful?

I am in my last 4 years service...yippee. I want to join my local Police when I get out. They dont recruit much so was advised to become a special.
The Army does not allow this, as stated in QR's J5.078.
Not a happy man, obviously.
The thing is it is that point of my carreer when vital decisions are made, the specials would help me decide to stay in or leave, i may not like it, and therefore stay in the mob.
The thing is I know of TA personnel who are policemen who are also on op does that work or seem fair.
Apparently the DS answer is that as a special I might nick my CO, I put that down to integritty and tough S**T, also what if my TA copper nicks me?
Is there anyway round this, I put it down to not helping me resettle and a tage of discrimination.
God, I will be doing the community a service and not getting paid for it, unlike loads of lads working all hours driving trucks, and being bouncers, oh sorry QR's say you cant do that either!

If anyone can help :? please advise

Thank you for reading my sob story

My understanding is you can't have a second job which involves security work-partly because of the risk to you, and the fact it may cost the services a soldier lost to injury. Being a special won't make it easier to become a bobby-I've lost count of specials who don't get in 'full time'. You either have the qualities to be a copper or you don't, and you can do plenty of other things whilst you're serving to demonstrate your levels of committment. Most TA coppers are smart enough to recognise the potential conflicts, and I haven't come across an example where its caused a drama-they know when they're with the TA to leave policing the military to the hierarchy and RMP

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