Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by matt21, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. hi everyone, was wondering if someone can help.... my boyfriend has gone awol from the army and we need some advice. he is adamant he cannot go back as he feels he cannot take it anymore. he has served 3 years in the infantry and has one year remaining on his contract. is there any possible way he can buy himself out? or any other options? he came back from iraq in may and is on recouperation. any advice or help will be very much appreciated, thankyou very much x
  2. Turn himself in at his unit. The Army doesn't just go away. Contact a lawyer before going if he really needs advice, but the longer he leaves it then the worse things get.
  3. He's best to turn himself in. How long has he been AWOL for? He's likely to be in a lot of trouble for being AWOL and the longer he leaves it, the worse it'll get. If he turns himself in he's still in trouble but it gets it over and done with and you can get on with your lives together.
  4. where is he at the moment pm me.
  5. Sound advice.

    The only way your boyfriend is going to 'get away' scott-free is if he remains at large for a very considerable period of time indeed. Think in terms of decades...

    However, if he turns himself in, he may well get a short stretch inside - maybe not - and the CO can make a judgement on whether he can leave. Don't misunderstand me - he may well get MCTC time plus 'soldier on' but he may also reckon that it simply isn't worth the effort.

    Get him back and get him to deal with it. Loads of people think they can escape, and a very small minority do, but just think all it will take is a copper pulling you for a speeding offence, or a pub fight, and they've got you.

    If he wants out that badly, he MUST come back and accept his punishment. Else life out his life as a criminal.
  6. Is he actually AWOL yet, or still on POTL? Best to get back soonest, explain any problems and they may get sorted to his satisfaction.
  7. go back & face the music before it becomes too late.
  8. the RMP have a new force out now dealing with people that go AWOL.
    an that's all they do. is look for them.
    so best thing to do is give himself up an fast.
  9. if he doesn't he will be owing the army that time the has taken off.
    meaning that when hes signs off when he gets caught he will have to do that time added on to his 1 year signing off year pluss if he gets the jail thats time added on too cause the army don't count that either so it's in his best intrest or either he goes sick at home through a civvi docter for stress related problems and goes on maoch and the awol gets dropped and he'll not lose any pay still getting paid every month and at home with his family
  10. matt21,

    he may be your boyfriend, but that doesn't mean you have to blow kisses to every bloke on here :)
  11. Get him to turn himself in NOW! Every day away will lead to more punishment. Plus, if he turns himself in he will get a lesser punishment than if arrested.

    What to do when he gets back: Speak to his OC, speak to Padre, speak to Welfare office. They can all help him but only when he is in barracks. They may be able to move him to a different job that he might actually enjoy/ at leats be able to handle until his time is up.

    Punishments depend upon the unit and how long he has been away. Shorter than a week or 2 often only a fine. Longer will mean a stretch in the cells, either in unit or at MCTC. The bottom line is that there is no escape and he must face the music - the sooner the better.

    Get him back there - drive him yourself if you need to. Get onto his mates as well and see if they can help.
  12. he has been awol for 3 weeks and is sure he cant go back, he is really suffering with stress related problems but cant see a doc cos hes awol?! does anyone know where we can get advice on buying yourself out?!
  13. Hi Matt - yes. He should return to his unit and once the discip issues are sorted, get in front of the medical officer as soon as possible.

    Alternatively he should also contact Combat Stress.
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  15. The Army's welfare organisations are very good these days & I support this suggestion:)

    (But I'm baffled as to why they shut QEMH Woolwich/ward 5!)