Son got into the Army, as a JS. Then failed medical because he said he “sometimes has ringing in his ears” was booted out & returned home 2 days later, his absolutely devastated. Medical states “shows signs on Tinnitus” Son did not explain that he has spent 2 months constantly gaming & clocks up serious hours of dedication!! Hence bloody ringing. I’m going to get a second opinion, but will it change the army’s mind? Would be so grateful for any advice.


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First he needs to cut the volume he's listing to games at - if he's getting ringing in the ears he's damaging himself regardless of his being accepted into the army at some point.
Tinnitus can be caused by many things.
I suffered it after a shoulder injury (dislocation and damage to rotator cuff). Affects the nerves in the neck.
I still get it periodically.
There are other causes including inner ear problems.
Get him checked out by an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist
Thank u for replying. Having now read up on Tinnitus, I really do not believe that he has it. I think it was a lot more down to stress, tiredness & not fully understanding what real Tinnitus is. Don’t know if it will make any difference getting him seen by an ear doctor, but at least then will know if a career in the Army is possible x

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