Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Is_the_link_in?, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Im searching for a mate who ended up in germany 2004. He was a tech, left Blandford about....march - may 2004 and ended up somehwere in germany...and if i knew where he went, i wouldnt be asking! Think hes at 1 div or 20 armoured
  2. any info on where he went we had a large influx of sprog techs in 102 log bde last year
  3. what is this a game of guess who?. mmm is it my turn? does he wear glasses? is he tall, short, thin or fat? . why dont you get in touch with blandford and ask them- longshot but possibly worth a go!

  4. So your looking for a mate who got posted about march may time 2004. Did you both go through the factory at the same time???

    Hello pot this is kettle, colour check over!

  5. Unfortunately, ended up in Germany myself (third time unlucky!), PM me his name, and I'll tell you if he's working at my place or not.
  6. Hang on, he's your mate yet you don't know where he went?

    And you call HIM a sprog?

    He doesn't owe you cash does he?