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annony_mouse said:
Do any of you fine gentlemen know where I could purchase rank slides, from a company which would sew on my unit Initials. Rather than simply my rank......I need them sometime soon and the unit have none, leaving me to look rather silly....having to tell people I'm SF.

Thank you
annony_mouse said:
Could someone tell me what exaclty "Mr Vice" does at dinner as I'm new to the officer's mess and it has been hinted at that I will be playing this role..

annony_mouse said:
Does anybody know where I can get hold of a pair of Ocdt Collar dogs (Gorgette Patches).....and fast
Take my advice Mr Mouse. Resign as Mr Vice, go in black tie, enjoy yourself, and sort yourself out for another time. We have far weightier matters to consider in these pages than your sartorial and historical needs.

Hmmm... Probably a good plan, however all has fallen into place and I shall now attend dinner with the knowledge of 10 men and look damn good too..........
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