5 years ago(summer of 2000) I get very drunk trashed the house a bit & threaten little bro, mother called the cops who called a ambulance, I got put in the mental heath unit, I was unhappy with life but not depressed (at least not compared to some people in there) I didn’t get treated for depression & wasn’t on any medication, I was let back home within 2 weeks & they made a appointment then for a few months later, at that appointment I was discharged, when I filled my application form out I haven’t mentioned this, on the application form information & guidance booklet it says

Psychiatric problems, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, alcohol or drug dependence, post traumatic stress order,

I didn’t think it would be important as it didn’t cover any of these, but on the medical form the docs filled out he putted. Was admitted to mental heath unit due to depression, alcohol abuse (I was very drunk, not a addict) & threatening behavior, he put I spent 2 weeks there, it was a single case & my behavior while if was there was normal

I’ve got my second interview at the ACIO next weeks, it this something I should be worrying about
No I wouldn't of thought so - if your medical got sent off to RSC and it was passed as okay, then I don't think you've owt to worry about.
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